The Greyhounds

“Along Came Moe”
October 10, 1993 – March, 2005 – July 22, 2005

I got Sonic in March of 2005 from my sister-in-law’s sister’s family. He was sort of a hand-me-down. They were downsizing their family a bit, and I agreed to take him in. I was a cat person until that day. I ended up falling in love with him, and the day I lost him was just awful. I had no idea the affect he would have on my life.

Mary Lou
“Iruska Mary Lou”
April 22, 2000 – July 30, 2005 – December 14, 2009

I met Mary Lou the day after I lost Sonic. She was… a mess. She was also my heart-girl. I didn’t have her nearly long enough. She should have lived forever and a day. I would give just about anything to have her back, and I can’t wait to see her again in heaven.


Jade Elizabeth
“Sevier Advantage”
September 8, 1997 – August 4, 2006 – February 9, 2009

Miss Jade arrived as a foster and she was my first foster failure. I have now had 6 fosters and only failed twice. Not a terrible average. Of course I got her on a Friday and decided to keep her by Monday. Mary Lou hated her for a month and after that they were quite inseparable.

The Inseparable Girls

“Dakotas Knight”
September 4, 2004 – May 30, 2009 – March 7, 2014

After I lost Jade in February of 2009, it took me a while before I was ready for another grey. She was a beautiful soul, much like Sonic. We had a friend living with us who had recently left with her greyhound. So, suddenly, Mary Lou was once again the only greyhound in the house. We took some time, several months actually, before we added Padfoot. He was a very special case, a severe spook with some very serious issues. He turned out to be a perfect addition to our home, though.

“DVS Cooksey”
October 25, 2004 – February, 2010 –

After losing Mary Lou in mid-December of 2009 and then our last roommate at the very end of the year, Padfoot and I decided to start fostering spooks. Our first one was a disaster, but our second one was a real peach. We, well I, decided to keep him. Padfoot wasn’t all that thrilled. He’s finally coming around, though, a year and a half later. Well, more or less coming around. George is a really sweet boy with a few issues to add to the mix. We’re a crazy house, to say the least.

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  1. Terri Jacobson

    I am so glad you stopped by my blog. I love your stories, and well, you have greyhounds, so of course they are beautiful.

    My odds at failing fostering aren’t nearly as good as yours. In fact, we won’t even go there, but I have never once regretted any of our “oops, we failed fostering again.”.

    1. Padfoot

      I suppose it IS nice to have a companion around when Mom is gone even though George and I are total polar (bear) opposites. Plus, he does provide Mom with some of the things that I don’t, like all those crazy antics that make her shake her head and wonder why she ever switched from cats to dogs and play crazy kissy face games and such. I just lay there and watch and shake my head. When she’s tired out from the insanity, I can go lay next to her with my head on her shoulder while she sleeps it off. 🙂


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